SimpleTerm Gold - Professional Edition - Serial Port Monitor 5.7

Source:Tronisoft Ltd

SimpleTerm Gold is an advanced serial port analyser / visual scripter. View and send (all 256) ASCII/Binary data in an easy to read colour coded sequence. Features include:
See "SimpleTerm Gold - Release Notes v5.7.pdf" for full details
- Modernised, clean GUI
- New "Message Display" window with an array of functions for enhancing test sequences.
- New in-line scripting feature for rapid creation of complex data packets and test data.
- New Macro List Examples Creator
- "New line before special char" + Play System Sound action
- Macro List Search facility
- Enhanced COM port listing with more information
- New beta feature "Loop To Folder Start" Macro List type. This can be used with the Run All Items In Sequence scripting button:
- New Application Start - Automatic Actions
For automatically starting a Macro List on application start and looping, the following features have been added.
- Added new settings option - see Settings->General tab: "Run Macro List on startup or drag and drop".
- Added new macro list item: "Jump to Start" - moves execution to start of macro list.
- Allowing of drag and drop support of separate macro lists (*.stml) or full settings profiles (*.ini or *.stp)
- Renamed Menu Items
"Settings->Display..." to "Settings->Configure (F5)..."
"Settings->Import Profile" to "Settings->Load Settings Profile"
"Settings->Export Profile" to "Settings->Export Settings Profile"
- Colour coded hexadecimal view of RAW data.
- Supports COM1 to COM256.
- Standard baud rates from 110 to Up to 3MBps. (If Device / System Supports)
plus custom baud rates upto 3MBps (If Device / System Supports).
- Macros, Visual Scripting Feature.
- Import and Export SimpleTerm Profiles
- Designed for ease of use.
- Changeable fonts.
- Ultra fast display rate.
- Runs in Windows 9X/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
- Colour print.
- Capture to file, send from file.
- Integrated note pad - supports Rich Text Format (RTF) files.
- Copy (RTF) screen data to clipboard - paste to Word, Wordpad etc...
- RS232 signal monitoring using Virtual LEDs - breakout style.
- Notation Converter
- Built in search.
- Profession

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